Halo 3 Unreleased Music: The Ark

Hey guys!

I have been searching for a piece of music on Halo 3 for a very long time, and since I can’t email Bungie, I have come here. I’ll give some details:

The song plays during The Ark. Specifically at Rally Point Alpha, during the Scarab battle. As you enter this area, the Halo drums start playing. Later though, when the Scarab returns to the battlefield and you are tasked with destroying it, a new, slower piece of music plays alongside the drums, continuing for a while after the drums stop. It is a sort of string melody, with vocals on top, and it is beautiful. I have listened to the soundtrack, searched on YouTube, asked my fellow Halo gamers, but have been unable to find or identify it. I have had to make do with a recording from my speakers using my iPhone. I tried in-line recording with some free software, but it came out weird. So, Halo community, I wish to ask for your help. If you can, I ask that you tell me if it is on the soundtrack. If so, what is it called? If it isn’t, do you know where I can find a link to a high quality version of it?

Many thanks!
Hypochrisy 117

See you in Halo 4

The one that plays in the mission “The Ark” is called Farthest Outpost.

Hope I helped.