Halo 3 UI with Infinite skin

I just came across the most beautiful UI 343i could do. Please.

I like the background art but I think the Halo 3 UI with some tweaking would work better. It’s a bit “blocky”.

Overall I definitely like it better than Halo 4 & 5’s menu screen. They always felt a bit uninspired to me.

from a typographic standpoint that looks butchered.
its just nostalgic. thats probably why you like it.
but its not 2021 at all.

God I hope not. The demo screen of infinite is wayy better than the inferior blue tint of 2/3

I love Halo 3 more than any Halo, but I dont think I would enjoy a near carbon copy for a new games menu. I would much prefer elements of Halo 3 be incorperated into infinite like including equipment, which sounds like this is happening.

I think it would be better to keep the menu how it is right now, while that is nice, I feel like it wouldn’t really suit the game at this point.

Reach was peak UI design, and I’m not just talking about Halo. I’ll die on that hill! I don’t want a carbon copy of course, plus higher res screens demand different proportions, BUT I still hope to see lists with tabs menus doing a come-back.

Dividing the screen space in three parts with the option on the left, written info in the centre and visualisations on the right was a clean, dynamic and smooth choice. Navigation was fast, order made sense, it was intuitive, looked good and you always got everything you needed on display all the time! Reach needs to be the canvas for Hi’s UI, seriously now! For the rest let’s take H3 as the foundation, but when it comes to UI Reach is the obvious winner to me.

If something I hope to see a complete overhaul of the Forge UI. Especially now if PCs are a focus from the get-go! I guess it will be drastically different now to support k+m better, however the UI was uncomfortable even for pad users imho. I think Ubisoft with Far Cry did a much better job in this regard! Maybe let’s use HW2 RTS in game UI as a base. It’s a lot of work to implement though, that’s for sure! But I think it’s wort it!