Halo 3:The ring that pre-maturely fired

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Which game has yielded the most fun for you? For me it has to be Halo 3 and although I completed it ten years after its release, it has still not lost its charm.There are two other games on my shelf covered with dust, Halo 4:forward unto dawn and Halo 5:Guardians. I tried to complete the latter on legendary difficulty but just couldn’t, and Halo 4, I completed the first playable mission (Halo:Master Chief Collection), said I’m done and promptly turned on Halo 2(classic graphics).

The Actman among others has expressed himself on why Halo 5 is so bad, hidden experia has called Halo 3 ‘iconic’ and we all know about the war that unfolds itself in the comment sections every time this is brought up and the rumours about the moderators of Halo:waypoint(I myself came upon an example of censorship by them just before writing this about a post criticising 343, by thegreatpotato9,I think).

Halo 3, made more sales, stayed in most popular games higher and longer than 343’s baby-Halo 5(Favyn) and held its own against MW1, a massive title that shaped a generation of gaming and later influenced 343’s new Halo’s, to which they have openly admitted to copying.Halo 2 and Halo 3 broke sales records, has Halo 5 done that?No. Halo 3 influenced millions of people’s lives and made microsoft shares rise sharply. Has Halo 5 accomplished that? No. Halo 3 introduced forge, theater, and brought us some of the gametypes we love, like infection, and its impossible to forget what Red vs Blue created with Halo 3, its height. The memories, the voice chats, the stories and the people. The Chief’n’Arby and campaign. You finished the fight, killed truth and stopped the flood, it was all over, and nothing has made you feel the same way again, Halo made a pre-mature firing and its never been the same since. Every single mission was different,The ark was no-scoping, blowing up vehicles and glitching the scarab. The covenant was the cutscene, rescuing Johnson and his squad, assassanating the brute chieftan with the active camo, the epic music and fighting with the flood to stop the great journey and silence the covenant and Halo, you spite the gravemind, watch Johnson die in your hands as you save the galaxy from the popcorn and make the legendary warthog run and watch the ring exploding in the background beind chief and cortana. Did Halo 5 do that? No it didnt. Remember the moments screen watching Halo 3, punching your pal in the arm to gain an advantage and recording your clips to your friends of you no-scoping with the sniper. Do you remember that from Halo 5? No, you dont. Do you remember boasting about your exploits in Halo 3? Halo 5 wasnt satisfying nor chest-swelling. It wasnt fun and there werent any of the cavemen that looked like sloths, no floating jpegs of someone taking a shower or witty lines of dialogue, there were bland action-scenes, clueless characters, non-sensical villians, brutish elites and worst of all, Cortana, the girl we made a promise we couldnt keep, a villian who contradicts herself at every step. Halo 5 is not Halo, it does not play like Halo, doesnt sound or look like Halo and its characters arent from Halo. Ask youreself is 343 able to make you feel the same way Halo 3 did, or that random guy’s idea in a youtube video’s comment section that resembles Halo 3’s style. No they can’t, they have hired people that despise what makes you feel good inside when you play a video game. Halo is over, sentenced to cater to toothless 8 year olds who have never felt what its like to earn something or the moderators who will flag this video for inappropiate content. Ask youreself do you want another Halo 3?

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There is no innappropiate content in this post,except content that damages 343’s ego. Enjoy.