Halo 3: The Cradle of Life

Hi my Name is Cameron im writing this message today directly aimed at 343.
Now i and also alot of people are a BIG Fan of the Halo Franchise and what i was asking if 343 could open up some of the Old good things about Halo. One of the things is if you could get the Halo 3: The Cradle of Life URL back up again so people that are new and want to read up about the Halo Franchise also if it is possible bring back the Halo 3 Recon armor Unlock for the Halo 3 on XBOX 360 and i know about Halo MCC but that’s different and also if you could make a section on Halo waypoint where you can see every video from the Halo Franchise Like the Awesome video Halo: Evolutions: Midnight in the Heart of Midlothian
and Another Day at the Beach. I hope you see this and i hope you us halo fans want to see Thanks 343- Sincerely Cam