Halo 3 Standoff does not belong in 4v4 Slayer

Standoff is a large scale map. Why is it in the 4v4 slayer map list?


Fair point. They realized this with Tempest in Reach and judiciously removed it from 4v4. Same thing should probably apply here.

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Valhalla probably should be removed as well.


And Zanzibar 20 characters

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I agree with the above posts.


Back in the H3 days the format was 5 v 5 not 4 v 4 which made these maps more suitable for the smaller team format. Personally I don’t mind standoff for it’s size, but it appears there are spawn zones used in slayer which makes it impossible to side switch.

Valhalla is in the 4v4 playlist, really? I don’t think I’ve played enough H3 on MCC to find that.

Tempest alone is a terrible map with the spawn flipping. It’s heavies counter part is much better in my opinion. Spawns don’t flip and there some more cover with the extra buildings on the map.

Oh I agree 100%, and I’m glad they took the step to remove it. Only place that you can play it now 4v4 is Territories.

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I believe they should play through all the maps themselves for a while and see which maps should be removed to kept in certain playlists.

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It’s probably a smart idea, but then there’s also the argument of having the games in the collection as they originally were, with new stuff added on top.

For reasons unknown, both Valhalla and Standoff have been in H3’s 4v4 Slayer rotation since the OG Bungie days on 360. We complained about it then, too. Take them out, please?

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In the OG Bungie days the playlist was 5v5 instead of 4v4. I would say 10 players is probably the minimum threshold for stand-off and Valhalla.

This is true for Social, but Ranked H3 Slayer (Bungie days) did have both Valhalla and Standoff 4v4.

Ranked H3 Slayer now still has Standoff (but Valhalla removed).

Since 343 has shown no desire to make 5v5 a thing again, I would agree with removing both maps from 4v4.

For what’s worth, I love Standoff, no matter when it shows up.