Halo 3 Skulls Achievement issue

Hello, it is me again.
If you remember, and got Halo 3 ODST at fisic disc, it came with Halo 3 Multiplayer, also known as Halo 3 Mythic, there was no campaing, just multiplayer, so i got all Halo 3 Mythic skulls, it gave me the achievements. Everything ok. Years later i bought Halo 3 Normal Edition in Disc format. I wanted to use skulls to unlock armor in Halo 3. So i went to campaign, i saw my mythic skulls were unlocked and i decided to go for campaign skulls. When i try to get one, it doesn’t give me the achievment nor the skull for campaign or armor. I tried and tried but no results. Any solution? I could make a video with a new profile to show the same bug

You have three of the achievements related to the campaign skulls already. Which one did you go for?