Halo 3 skins/Armor

I would really appreciate an armor/skin pack from Halo 3.

Mark VI [GEN 1] Slayer: The color pattern from Halo 3 on the current Mark VI Gen 1
Matter of fact, a large handful of armor currently in Halo 5 should get this skin as a variant.

Additionally; updated (but not butchered) variants of old Rogue, EOD, and CQB would be amazing.



Slapped together an example image for those who don’t understand what I’m saying.

I don’t really notice any armor but I wouldn’t be opposed to the katana making a comeback

Hayabusa most likely would not come back. Too bad, too because I like it when everyone wears the same thing so I can be different lol

Yeah, they really need a mark VI armor and helmet that has the Halo 3 color scheme. That would be much better than the zigzag crap we have now.

I just want more armor and new stuff , as much as they can add :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish they really hadn’t done what they did to the Mark VI [GEN1]… That weird… pattern… Darker color areas… Strangely enough it is the darker areas that reflect the Olive color the best and makes it resemble Reach’s version of olive. Yes i am one of those guys who likes his spartan in the Mark IV-V-VI in the know green getup hahaha.

But really a Halo 3 skin pack would be pretty beast to get!