HALO 3 Servers and Paranoia

HALO 2 servers going down means that H3 is next and i love this game, i always have, im honestly scared to death, if these servers went down id probably end up killing myself.

HALO 3 is:

The best XBOX 360 game.
The best multiplayer game.
The best campaign game.
The best forging game (Due to awesome maps).
The only multiplayer game that has never had a spawn-killing issue.
The only reason i got an XBOX 360.

I know i probably sound crazy but if the HALO 3/H3ODST servers went down, i’d go down with it.

Keep H3 Alive.

I cant even tell you guys how much this game means to me, i met my first XBL friend on big team slayer in H3. I’ve had so much fun on this game it’s unbelievable. Is there any way i can maybe donate to the H3 servers? I would buy 20-50 copies of H3 if it meant keeping the servers up.(if i had more that 20$ on me right now)

I’m in the same boat as you, bro. Halo 3 is why I bought an Xbox and why I’m still gaming today. More people need to get back into Halo 3. Let’s rise up and bring it back!

They only took down Halo 2 servers because they wanted to end Xbox Live for the original Xbox for a friends list update (which I don’t think even came yet). They wouldn’t take down Halo 3 servers unless they took down all the other game servers, including Reach’s and 4’s.

Halo 3 was amazing guys, my favorite halo for sure. But you guys need to move on. Coming from a kid who hated reach, H4 has serious potential…

after halo 4 and halo reach, I still prefer halo 3. I am still playing it. Love this game so much :smiley: