Halo 3 Sequel? No? Why don't we make it?!

Everyone here knows that an answer to John and Cortana (+ various other characters)'s faits has been debated across the forum. Those of us who believe that a “Halo 4” as it were, could be made, are getting our hopes up a little too much. Our ideas are great, but for the time being, why don’t we make our own answers in Reach?

I thought using the #1 Forge World, and the new map pack (I don’t actually have), we could create our own story-like sequel to the epic ending of H3.

How 'bout it?

when you make this “story-like sequel” you should recommend the maps to me so i can try them out for you?

i want a sequel as much as everyone else does but there is not alot of story to go on with if you look at all the story (which is nicely piced together on the halopedia,see “human-covenant war”) unless they backtracked all the way to the human foreunner war or even further to the forunner flood war,so there probably wont be any sequels even if bungie had another company make them