Halo 3 Sandtrap, Guardian remake?

343i needs to bring these two maps into halo 4. I would live on these maps back in halo 3. I’m pretty sure some people would agree that these two maps were the most popular in halo 3. I would honestly love 343i if these maps someohow make it into halo 4.

I 100% agree. I also think Avalanche, standoff and the pit are MUSTS!!! We need a really cool snow map again !!

idk about avalanche, but sandbox, if thats what it was called could have possiblites, I enjoyed the air layer the most though

Definitely agree with you. Standoff and Avalanche were crazy maps for CTF in halo 3! I would go hours just playing these maps. And The Pit is perfect for Infinity Slayer in halo 4. I’d always rush for the energy sword on that map ahaa.

sandbox no it would just be ruined by the dmr

There’s already a Custom map of Guardian… I’ve got it…

It’s impossible to forge sandtrap since none of the levels are large enough…

you can dl decent versions of them from forgers … well atleast guardian. but lockout is and always was better.

sandtrap was always garbage. but might be ok now w sprint. but it will just be a dmr fight across map so that will get old fast.

for the pit… it doesnt work… just like guardian. because we “HAVE” to have sprint now it makes all the small competitive maps like guardian, pit, lockout, midship, warlock, ect. not function as properly as they would had we still had a halo game without sprint

Yes, I would say Sandtrap, standoff and avalanche should definately be remade, myself and friends still play halo 3 custom games over halo 4 because of those maps.

Most H3 maps would play horribly in H4. Large maps don’t have enough cover to work with the DMR. Small maps are just that, too small to work with Sprint.

We have had enough remakes… If you want to play these put your Halo3 disc in. It would be a much better experience.

Particularly Sandtrap, if 343i incorporates the mammoths as elephants, it would make the map so epic! And obviously with a new graphics system it would look better too. But I do agree that the people will DMR spam and it would mess the gameplay of the map. Idk I just wanna see how Sandtrap would look and feel like in halo 4.

I just want a snow map.


sandtrap would be killed by the dmr…

> I just want a snow map.
> WHY DON’T WE HAVE ONE 343!?!?!


I want a Jungle map. Guardian would be fine for this, but I am also okay with a new map as well

I agree

Sandtrap would be the best choice. Perfect size for forging.

Absolutely agree; by far the best maps in Halo 3; specially Sandtrap, with that Star Wars taste in that desert world remembers me Tatooine. And I dont understand why Brute Choppers and Prowlers were forgotten by Bungie, and then 343. I remember with a smile the clash of those two Elephants in the middle of the map, just like to pirate ships …

Ive played Halo 3, Halo ODST, Halo Reach and now Im having a lot of fun with Halo 4 but…
Nothing compares with Sandtrap. Still in my heart forever!!!

Unfortunately the DMR would wreck Sandtrap.

Run for Cover/Zeus gametype in Action Sack was Sandtrap at its best.