Halo 3 Recon Armour & Halo Reach Bungie blue flame


Recon armour in Halo 3 and the Bungie Eternal blue flames are no longer available to unlock. Not because 343 don’t want to, they simply can’t as the “legacy tech” used to unlock them no longer exists. And the nameplates are no longer accessible to change as that was also done on bungie.net, which no longer feature Halo. I’m afraid the nobody will ever receive these ever again and there are no plans to do so (lets face it, the old Halo games aren’t even supported anymore).

And asking for people to hack/mod accounts is against the Halo Waypoint forum rules. Not to mention it will more than likely get your account permanently banned from Xbox Live, since you are breaking the Terms of Service you agreed to when joining Xbox Live.

To answer your last question, yes Recon armour is in the MCC, but you can’t mix and match armour like in the original Halo 3. You can only wear complete sets. So for example, you can’t wear the Recon helmet with the Hayabusa chest, it can only be all Recon armour or all Hayabusa armour.


blue flame is just bungie. keep it that way