Halo 3 Recent Games Stats Question

Anyone aware of any website that keeps track of updated Halo 3 recent games and stats?

Kinda like Halo Waypoint or HaloTracker do for Reach, but instead for H3.

There is no way for anyone but 343i to do it as there is no Stats API, while Halo Tracker do Reach stats, they use Waypoint to do so.

Waypoint at this time has no plans to support in-depth Halo 3 statistics or game histories similar to how Bungie did or how Waypoint currently do for Halo: Reach.

you can only go to bungie to see your old stats lol. what a yoink job. halo 3 still has a lot of fans.

i think we should choose which stats we want dislayed, reach or H3

There is not way to do that, sorry.

This is unfortunate, hopefully 343 will one day add the ability for us to see our in-depth stats from previous Halo games. I always enjoyed going back and viewing my old records.