Halo 3/Reach remake soon?

Always thought Halo 3 was going to get a remaster 10 years after its release like its previous titles, but after Halo Infinites release I realized they might’ve been waiting to release a game with similar assets/art style. Got the same armor for chief, relatively same grunts/elites, and with some work the brutes could be the same as well. They’re eventually adding the classic shotgun and magnum for Halo Infinite, so I assume they could use those too. A remaster for Reach wouldn’t be too impossible either, since all of Noble team has been remade already.

And yes I know 3 and Reach are perfect games that don’t really need a remaster, but it would be super sick to see it revitalized a little bit, cutscenes and all.


I don’t think that they would make a Halo 3 or a Halo Reach remake so soon after Infinite’s release. It would take away players from a mainline game that is still new and makes money, so it doesn’t make sense.


Highly unlikely since MCC was essentially the capstone of that collection.
That and Infinite just being released as a live service game, 343i already has its hands full.
I’d be surprised if they ever remade/remastered 3 and/or Reach.

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Maybe they could pair the Halo 3 remaster with the probable (saw an image of it temporarily on the Tenrai event, not sure if intentional) Mark V armor core event. Would coincide nicely, and they could probably lock the event behind buying the remaster.

Maybe they will provide campaign DLC for reach and halo3. . .
and finally make INFINITE to be a totally new MCC in ten years after

I’m fairly confident the point of MCC was to get each Halo game to be playable online on a single console generation with no plans to remaster anything else in the franchise.

As of right now that goal is met. If they were to remaster Halo 3, it would happen when MCC is no longer available on whatever the modern platforms are.

Truth be told, I think Halo 3 holds up pretty well in 2022.

I’d rather not see a remake if I’m being honest.

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343 being busy with Infinite would not necessarily preclude a Remaster. They were busy with H5 when the MCC came out and H2A was done by Saber Interactive if I remember correctly? Although it’s fair to argue that MCC didn’t come out in a good state.

If they were to do it as a DLC I would prefer if they did it as a DLC for the MCC that added the Anniversary Graphics there. That would avoid splitting the player population between MCC and the Remaster. Also contrary to H5 the MCC has had an Update to the Xbox Series consoles, so it can take full advantage of all features of the new console generation.

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The image they used was a old picture I used to have a poster of it like there was also a image of a halo 5 infection infected with a green sword and everything

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Maybe we saw different ones? The one that was replacing the tenrai armor core picture was a red Mark V suit holding a Halo 3 shotgun.

Was it from this image?


If so I’ve seen it as well

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Lol, good luck with that. We don’t need another botched remake/ remaster in the Halo saga because fanboys are hard-stuck to only 2 games. Plus, it would HEAVILY divide the community for people that are too stuck in the past and for people that fangirl over how amazing Halo 5 was. Personally, I don’t like the Anniversary versions of Halo CE and 2; way too much color and bloom to the point where it’s distracting, plus you can’t even complete challenge for Halo 2’s anniversary graphics-I wan’t to slap the dev. who decided that was a good idea. Finally, I’d rather see Halo 4’s multiplayer have a remake/ remaster-I love Halo 4’s pvp, but good God, it needs a touch up. If this rant didn’t help, I don’t know what will, lol.

Oh yeah, a cropped version but it seems to be the same. Guess it doesn’t really imply a Mark V event if they’re using previously made art I guess.

I doubt it will happen any time soon. If it does, cool, but I wouldn’t count on it.

I would much rather them just have Blur remake the cutscenes like they did with H2A. It would be cool, and it wouldn’t take away from Infinite.

I can see this if 343 would ever learn to leave things alone. 343 literally messed up Halo Reach in MCC.

They need to stamp this on there foreheads so it’s a constant reminder. This isn’t even a joke either.

MCC basically makes any more remakes/remasters essentially pointless to pursue. I actually think they’d be more interested in putting Halo 5 into MCC over time lol.

343i do definitely seem to be more than willing to profit off of the nostalgia of fans though. I suspect we’ll see a lot of things for Infinite in the future that was in 2/3. 2024 (10 years after Halo 2 release) they’ll release a few maps maybe a couple of weapons, 2027 (20 years after Halo 3) they’ll do stuff for Halo 3 and so on.

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There is one already, it’s called the Master Chief Collection… Both of which can be found now.

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Umm remakes are not remasters. If there going to do anything it’ll probably just be a title update with minor updates in graphics on MCC since doubt they will want to sell and separate player base.

you just want them to make more work than they already have to do for infinite. noo way

I’m still waiting for a full H2 remaster not the half -Yoink!- attempt that we got.

I can play Reach / CE / 3 in their original form - minus now the MP. But could never get H2 digitally.

I was gutted when they announced MCC.

I did enjoy the Resident Evil 2/3 remakes.