Halo 3 / Reach Hardcore Team?

Hello I want to get into the halo 3 or Reach hardcore playlist but I need someone to teach me the ropes, and the callouts to better myself.
I was thinking about going a clan but I’ve had a lot of bad experience with clans so for now I’m holding off on that.
I am US Central time. I’m more of the team supporting player I don’t care for KD either I going play the objective.
Can someone help?

I don’t know about callouts and all that, but i like to think i am a solid halo 3 player. I’m also looking for some people to party up with in the H3 ranked playlist.

I play on PC myself, but clans in halo have only given me bad vibes. and by vibes I mean like damn it is not enjoyable to play in a clan that you might find over some service or advertisement on forums.

I would say just try to make friends around your skill level but shoot higher and lower too, it’s not all too bad if you lose as long as you have fun or you learn something from it.

Hey man! Soldiers of Liberty is a casual/regular clan with a hard-core competitive team. The team is still being put together, but many of our regulars play competitively. We are not your typical Halo clan. We don’t have any ranks or “uniforms”. No one will boss you around, or tell you what to do. Our main goal is just to have fun and enjoy Halo together!

Add me AVeryCoolTurtle, I’m a 31 in hardcore playlist, I’ll teach what I can