Halo 3 ranking system in halo infinite?

Halo 3 ranks were the best,not perfect but the best.In h4 and h5 there just isn’t any love for the new ranks.When I play against a champ I don’t really care or an onyx.But in halo 3 fighting against a brigadier or general.Your scared and its a prestigious rank.

Plus it doesn’t disappear every month which is VERY disappointing. 5 star general was difficult 'cause each game was 2 exp .So you know how long the guy played.Halo 5 is so random --I lose 5 games in slayer ,I get onyx .My friend wins all games and gets platinum.

That’s why halo infinite has to have similar halo 3 ranking system with real military ranks

What you guys think?

Hey OP, there’s an existing thread that you can use for this: HALO INFINITE RANKING SYSTEM WISHLIST