Halo 3 rank style & armor unlocks a thing of the past?

What I loved most about halo 3’s ranking is how you were practically capped at a particular rank based off of your ranked level (1-50) in a given playlist. I.E if you hit level 30 in team slayer you were capped at the commander rank until you hit 35 to then reach colonel. (just an example not accurate) There was no chance of becoming a general without hitting 50 let alone a 5 star meaning you had enough experience from playing in general. This put meaning behind your rank and made climbing the ladder intense, frustrating and rewarding.

And then the armor unlocks, between vid masters and the off the wall challenges you needed to complete that you certainly could never pay for to unlock. I am all for buyable cosmetics as long as there is an area that you have to work for your armor to show you worked harder than a card swipe for your favorite game.

This is where I wonder if I will get shut down on the topic, but this all seems like a reoccurring theme in videogames and for lack of a better term I would call it the sissification of gamers Just like school sports are heading towards the idea that everyone gets a trophy and no one is a loser anymore. Everyone is a winner for participating and anyone can be on tier with anyone else. No hustle involved. No more podium, just winners. all around.

Its probably not that deep, but it sure seems like the theme built up since halo reach.

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I agree that tying ranks to skill isnt a bad thing. And not everyone is the best, period. It’s not a bad thing to not be the best. Most people aren’t. That being said, Halo 3 did have some issues where if you played for long enough it’d get very hard to rank up even if your skill improved. This caused some people to make new accounts. And also, due to how it worked, boosting was a thing. So it definitely could have used some improvement, but that doesn’t mean the whole system needed to be done away with.

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I have read about that in another post and I was not aware that long term accounts became more difficult. If that was the case, it could certainly use some work. From what I remember Halo 2 & 3s ranked were win/loss based and I would agree that should not get anymore difficult for really any reason. Your account could have 10,000 hours played as far as I’m concerned it should take the same amount of wins to go from 30 to 31.

The only reason I could think of people being upset with the system is to your point not everyone is the best or ever will be and it discouraged a big part of the player base. It’s understandable, but that is competitive nature! You strive to learn, progress and get an edge for that next rank up. Lone wolves being my favorite as I’m sure not many have a team of 3 others that were interested in that grind.

Am I remembering correctly that there was still a giant skill gap even when you cracked into 45-50s in halo 3? Some players seemed to be locked 50s that would thrash on fresh 50s. (Me at the time) I loved that, get knocked back down and given a reason to get back up!

Anywho, appreciate your input on the topic! I hope we see some change in infinites system as time goes on.

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I liked the Halo 3 system, I was a Captain Grade 3 that eventually became a 5* General.

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competitive ranks should 100% award armor.

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Have ran out of likes but I agree, weapon skins, armour coatings would also be accepted with open arms.

I think if they do more ranked playlists then the rewards for each should be different. I don’t mind the same reward for Solo/Crossplay.

Recon helmet attachment is so subtle!

I have yet to personally meet or discuss with anyone that thinks swiping their card is the way they want to acquire their in game rewards. With that said, I appreciate your inputs reassuring that I am not crazy.

I really hope with all the commotion 343/ms take the steps to fix this. now you earn the recon helmet through playing the game normally and hitting some random level (40 something?) Where is the fun in that, where does that show any sort of effort. Spend 10-20$ on double xp boosts and play for a weekend and boom recon.

Another thing I wondered, does anyone else think the current ranking system is far too forgiving? I have a decade of rust i’m breaking free of and placed platinum 6. Now diamond 2 and have only saw my rank go down on one poor game I bottom fragged on. Other than that its stagnant or goes up even if we lose and I top frag. Makes onyx seem like its really nothing special.