Halo 3 Progress... (Almost) ALL GONE

A few weeks ago, I signed into Halo 3 on this account. I went to change my armor permutations to Hayabusa. When I went to put it on, it wasn’t there. Neither was another half of my armor I had unlocked. I quickly checked my achievements and service record. I had all of my achievements, but the problem was, I had NO Campaign stats whatsoever. My multiplayer EXP was shown and my skill rank. But my Legendary Campaign Shield is missing, and so is the “Spartan Recruit/UNSC Spartan/Spartan Officer”. Can anyone tell me how to resolve this? Or is this a problem on 343’s end? Please find facts fast.

I have seen this before in Reach and in Halo 4. Usually I wait a day or 2 and it comes back. Maybe the server with that data was undergoing maintenance.

If that doesn’t do it, then this forum is the place.

Im looking for the answer to this to . My armor and game play on halo 3 has been lost . Its been over two months now . Jus bought a new 360 to and moved my profile to it and still gone .

Play a match and then re check.

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> Play a match and then re check.

I’ve tried that… at least fifty times, literally. I completed the Campaign (again) and got back the Skulls (again) and played lots of Forge and Custom Games. Nothing.

I’ve regained all my progress, all I need to do is Campaign on Legendary again. Turned out to be a problem with bills.

I did campaign on legendary again got everything back but Hayabusa helmet . Went thur again grabbed all skulls and still dont have Hayabusa helmet but i have the armor.