Halo 3 population

I’ve read all the things about Halo 3’s population being low. But i want to know exactly how low. I cant afford an Xbox one with MCC and i’ve been thinking about buying Halo 3.

I can’t give you the numbers but in the past month I haven’t been able to find a game with a full lobby except slayer unless you love slayer i wouldn’t get halo 3 for multiplayer if you love playing with friends and creating forge maps go for it halo 3 had a very fun forge also the campaign took up almost 100 hours of my childhood and my teens.

The population counter doesn’t work anymore so it’s not possible to say exactly how much. I would guess on weekends probably a few hundred people play.

It’s a 12 year old game so populations are low and everything doesn’t work as good now.

Social Slayer is the only playlist where you’re guaranteed to find a game. The population is low but if you’re really wanting to play, that’s basically your only choice unless you party up with several friends and go search Rumble Pit or something else together.

There’s a good amount of people playing halo 3 in fact but only LW TS and SS are much more populated now you may see a population count for the game but somehow it isn’t right I want to mention that someone that’s still playing halo 3 till this day is bringing people back to play the other playlists as all DLC for halo 3 is free he’ll get a lobby with 8 or 16 players and play TM Action Sack Rumble Pit BTB 7 on 7 and even Muilti Team How great is that Unfortunately for ranked playlists this is not doable considering you can’t have more than 4 player in one lobby so you would to run separate lobbies and search at the same time

The only playlist I can play is Social Slayer

Lone wolves is only worth playing until you get your skill up to 38 any higher and you stand a chance of coming into games with hackers I’ve gone from 19 to 44 in a week and a half and at 38 came across my first hacker, but you can win them as long as you veto any slayer match and end up on an objective game type like oddball or king of the hill, this gives you a better chance of winning.

but if you want guaranteed matches then social slayer is your best bet as a lot of people still play that game mode

Yesterday I tried to find games in the Lone Wolves playlist to get the last achievement I need (Overkill), but it took atleat 45 min. Before I finally found a game, after the game I didn’t find another match before I gave up.

Thank you guys for the replies. I guess I’m better off buying MCC on steam