Halo 3 Pop In on Series X

While replaying the H3 LASO campaign I’ve noticed that in some places pop in is so bad, it makes it even more difficult to play than normal. On the mission the Covenant, after acquiring the tank on the way to the double scarab fight I can’t see the all the outposts of brutes unless I am close enough for them to shoot me. At one point a group of 4 brutes popped in right next me, because I could not see them until it was too late.

Has anyone else experience this? I feel this hasn’t been an issue on earlier levels, but the pop in is so bad on this particular portion of the covenant.

jeah i jusr a few houes ago reported this on their support site. you should too create one as the more people report an issiue it gets higher priotization. there are not many owners of series x so that makes it just more important that you also write a ticket.