Halo 3 Playlists

I apologize, I’ve asked before, but now my question is a bit more refined.

So at some point in the distant future are they going to add full playlists for H3? In one of their early posts they said something like “We will add ranked playlists for all games at some point,” but does that mean there will be one ranked playlist similar to the H3 playlist now where it’s just a mix match team slayer/objective? Or is it going to have full ranked playlists like team snipers, SWAT, Doubles, etc etc?

Anyone know, speculation?

If there isn’t I wasted my money on this box and game, don’t even care how long it takes if I can play those again at some point.
H3 ranked playlists is all I want to play.

In all likelihood, you’ll get one ranked playlist per game. They can’t make too many playlists, because them the users would get too spread out and you wouldn’t be able to find a game (although you can’t even do that now, so whatever).

That better not be true :frowning: I’ll be so sad. They should just make H4 and CE social playlists with one playlist each. Then H2 and H3 full ranked playlists. Honestly I think those are the two fan favorites. If they don’t screw this, selling all this -Yoink-.

H3 will be integrated into hardcore. I imagine it will also go into doubles, snipers, and the objective playlist.

I’m not sure what you mean. What is “hardcore” and the doubles, snipers, and objective playlists you mentioned, will those be exclusive to H3 and ranked?