Halo 3 Playlist.

Dear 343

I would like to share an idea i would love to see appear in halo 6 and possibly 5. i would love to see a permanent halo 3/2 playlist in the next halo game or possibly even in halo 5, i understand that the game is evolving in new and interesting ways but i would like a social halo 3/2 playlist, the halo 3 anniversary playlist has shown it is possible and i believe it could be quite healthy for the game.
it would work just like the halo 3 anniversary playlist except it stays there.

i am by no means attempting to hate on halo nor am trying to deny that halo 5 is a decent game but sometimes you have finished some war zone and just want some classic halo gameplay, so with this implemented you could play a couple (or more) matches and return to whatever it is you want to play (ranked, warzone etc).

Sincerely: Stinky5dog

There’s plenty of wishlist threads running around for you to scrounge around on the forums. If you want to specifically share your thoughts on the H3 playlist, there’s already a thread going on about it.

Feel free to use a wishlist thread for this.