Halo 3 PC: Elephant spawns not working

In the original 360 version of Halo 3, the elephants used to be a fun way to play on the sandtrap map. It would be a ton of fun to have half of your team piled on this moving base while the other team was doing the same thing. One of the things that helped facilitate this was the spawning that was placed on the elephant. Your team would oftentimes spawn on the elephant and would then be more inclined to use it if there were other people on it as well.

The problem is that the spawning on MCC (for PC at least) seems to be not working properly for the elephants. No teammates seem to ever spawn on the elephants. I have also experienced spawning back where the elephants initially reside at the beginning of the match and then falling down as the elephant is no longer there. It appears that the spawning points do not stay on top of the elephant as they used to.

That’s a shame. I feared that making it a spawnable vehicle might result in this. I haven’t experienced the same thing yet, but the limited time I’ve spent with the updated forge was on XBONE, Forge, Sandbox.

I placed a couple spawn points (normal physics) and a “destroyed” Warthog (fixed physics) on a forged-in Elephant. Then I drove it. The result DURING FORGE MODE was that the spawn points and Warthog moved along with the Elephant with no trouble. Nothing grinding or being forced around. That said, I didn’t try spawning into a spawn point, nor did I try saving this as a map variant and testing in a MP match. Hopefully this additional info is helpful. When I can get back on I will test it more.

Hopefully this is something that could be patched with relative ease. One of my main hopes for forgeable Elephants since Halo 3’s launch was for the ability to make a game that required spawning onto elephants only.

I actually figured out (more or less) what happens.

forgable elephants can have items placed on them like the ones found on sandtrap. and items placed on elephants become “glued”. in this way the forgable ones behave the same as the non forgable ones on sandtrap.

however what is different is that the glued state does not present outside the round it was placed in. meaning that if you start a new round in forge or save the map and start a custom game the glue does not hold. items placed on the forged elephant will instead appear at what i suspect is the 0,0,0 cord of a map.

you can see it happen in this youtube clip i made. Halo The Master Chief Collection 2020 06 21 01 36 04 - YouTube

I think what is going on is that the non-forgable elephants on sandtrap spawn before the forge objects do. meaning that the glue is remembered. however the forgable elephants do not spawn first. so when it spawns the items placed on the forged elephant it can’t find it. so it places it at the 0,0,0 cord