Halo 3 Online

As this is being written, Halo 3’s 360 Population is currently under 900 people.

If, by chance, that you are feeling nostalgic, don’t bother trying out more exotic gametypes like VIP or Juggernaut. In fact, the only chance that you’ll find a somewhat full lobby now is if you are in a Lone Wolves playlist. Of course, it isn’t surprising that a game thats almost nine years old doesn’t have a strong online community – as time passes people simply move on, find new games, new experiences.

While Halo 3 isn’t completely dead, it’s still sad to see such a fantastic shooter-hell, such a fantastic game-fall from grace.

Feel free to post your memories.

I love Halo 3 to death, but none of this is suprising. Halo 2 wasn’t even available to play online (except on PC) 9 years after its launch.

It could be worse though. The other premier game of 2007 is Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare, and those servers are completely hacked.

You can always get a group of friends to log onto Halo 3 and go into a playlist together and play against each other.

My favourite memories of Halo 3 - mainly on my old account btw:

  1. Ramping the Elephants on Sandtrap onto one another in BTB Sandtrap. One time both teams actually stopped fighting to aid in the effort xD
  2. Me and my brother being like the last two people left in a game of BTB Sandtrap. Hiding in one of the structures while red blips went back and forth on our motion trackers was exhilarating.
  3. Just having all out fun with the Forge - using teleporters to built things etc.
  4. Playing duck hunt, fat kid, cops and robbers, jenga tower etc. with friends.
  5. Actually playing custom games regularly - just feels like after Halo 3, I enjoyed custom games less and less. I never really got into Reachs.
  6. Being a 12-15 year old with infinite free time - no college, work or responsibilities made for a LOT of game time.

Halo 3 was THE perfect package, and will always hold a special place in my heart.