halo 3 odst vidmasters

i need people to join so we can nock it out
this is my first post so tell me if we r not allowed to post certain things plz
my gt is Russottz 82

hey I need those 4 person vidmaster challenges as well, my gt is my username, send me an invite if u can find some more people or have at least one spare controller that we can just leave afk. I also need the Halo 3 four player vidmaster (annual) if you are interested in getting that one too. make sure you watch something on YouTube about the achievement like where the mongooses and the 1000 rocket rocket launchers are

ill help my gamer tag is my name but im up for any achievments message me when u wanna play

i have all the achivments, but i want them on a diffrent account, so i will do them