Halo 3 ODST Port should have Firefight/ 343 = lazy

The fact that the Halo 3 ODST port for Xbox One won’t have Firefight is not only disappointing but is ridiculous and straight up 343 being lazy. When you have the campaign engine running on Xbox One, you essentially have firefight their. They are pretty much the same engine. There is an article that goes into great detail on this subject and I’ll link it here.


Now in case you did’t read it, here is what I believe to be one of the best points of the article
"ODST’s Firefight is the Campaign engine. It is literally the same networking, with the same base AI. The reason your character quips (makes a witty remark) as you play Firefight is because they’re still running the campaign NPC dialogue engine for killing enemies. Getting Firefight to run, in development terms, is almost free once the ODST campaign engine is up and running on the Xbox One.

Fun fact: the modes are so similar that someone accidentally swapped the metadata for Rally Point’s campaign and Firefight versions. The game still compiled and ran, and nobody noticed the results of this mistake until after the game came out"
The fact that 343 is too lazy to include firefight when it is essentially already built, is scary. How can this later effect Halo as a franchise? What other lazy, profit based, decisions will be made?

I get many of you feel that the ODST Campaign alone is enough compensation for the -Yoink–show that was the MCC launch but you need to ask yourself, is it really? How could putting half of a game in the MCC be enough, when 343i had knowingly released a broken and later denied they knew it was broken? 343i, right now, only cares about profit and is willing to kill Halo to achieve that profit.

Thanks for reading into my little rant, go ahead and feel free to add to it in the comments if you please.

You are in the wrong forum.

Wrong forum section = reported. And one last thing, please don’t try to assume things with little to no evidence ie. “343 only cares about profit”.

Greedy greedy you.

They gave us who experience the worse all sorts compensations and even a beta to help pass the time in early January.

And all all you do is ask for more when they didn’t need to do any of this or even a beta for H5 and THIS thread should be on the MCC thread not the H5 thread unless you are begging for an ODST port on H5.