Halo 3 ODST PC Flight Extended?

If more invites are being sent then is the flight period getting extended too?
If a few hours ago it was announced then the period should be increased right?

Right now, although more invites have been sent out, there has been no extension announced to the flight. It may happen but there’s no guarantee

it would be nice if 343 could patch the insider with some more firefight matchmaking fixes (which is where most of the issues are right now) and extend it a few more days after the 24th.

Build 1.1778.0.0 was just released today! Make sure and update your builds

Below are Issues Resolved for ODST

  • Grenades thrown by clients do not travel as far in Firefight. - When users are playing with the centered crosshair option, their crosshairs and zoom reticule appear more oblong when compared to lowered/legacy. - (Both Armor and UI) - The emblem on the armor is chosen randomly in ODST firefight. - Improved an issue that caused ragdolls to “bounce” during ODST FF sessions. Below are Issues Resolved for Halo 3

  • Season 3 weapon skins and visor colors for Halo 3 revert to default upon death. - Season 3 weapon skins for Halo 3 revert to default weapon skins while in active camouflage. Below are Issues Resolved for UI

  • UI - Improved transitions between models in the UI that caused some T-Posing.

Glad the flight got extended. Can’t wait for the retail update to drop soon!

Closing as this relates to a flight that has since concluded