Halo 3: ODST Firefight

If anybody is down to go for the firefight achievments with me (200,000pts) I would appreciate it a lot! I know its a little late but they are the only achievments I need for ODST and I’m just trying to snag them before the MCC. If you’re down to help please post here or add me! XBL GT: God of Nadez

Sure thing. Never got around to completing all of these.

I’m willing to give it a go;

UTC-05:00 (Saturday 25th-Sunday26th October)
XBL: Cpl Shepard

Let me know when is a good time for you, I’ve got Vidmaster DejaVu and Classic completed, last endure challenges -Yoinked!- up 3 times at the end of the match due to lag.

I’m down as well for the last 6 maps I need.

GT: Gotham Rises
I work at a bar so just message when you’re trying to get on, I sometimes don’t get back till 2am Eastern.

Anytime anyone wants to play ODST campaign or FF hit me up and I can set up almost a full group to play.

Will be like a couple days here i should be back online. Timezone is Mountain ST

I need the firefight achievements if anyone is doing them just send a FF or a message on live GT: Drfeelgoodddddd

If you haven’t already played I’d like to join in on the fun iv needed one last achievement for this game for a few years now and I can’t find anyone to play add me on xbox live my gamer tag is MR M3rry