Halo 3: ODST code

Okay sit down this is gonna be a while.

So essentially when the master chief collection came out a long time ago it had the worst servers that were ever released in a halo game, because of that 343 decided that they were going to do a remaster of Halo 3: ODST and send it for free to the people who played and suffered through the master chief collection as it was being fixed. An apology of sorts. Thing is, i have a special case where I wasn’t able to get it because i was busy doing basic training and AIT for the army and we weren’t allowed to have Xbox for 4 and a half months. You may be thinking, “he had his phone to redeem.” and you would be correct in saying that. I did have my phone, for 5 minutes and i wasn’t going to waste my phone time not talking to my family, so obviously, the code expired and i wasn’t able to attain it. Another thing that screwed me over was the fact that my original Xbox account that got hacked was the one the code was sent to, if it even existed. Problem is, the account was locked by microsoft and no one can use it until they verify the account which i couldn’t do because the hacker changed all my information and i couldn’t verify, so I couldn’t do anything other than ask Microsoft about it. That is why im using this account IGotThatNade, to contact about it because i cant even log in to my original. My original gamertag the code was sent to was NateTheMilitate. Now, after contacting microsoft about it, they told me to post in the forums about it on their website. I did, they didnt respond, and actually deleted it off the forum wall. I called them about this and they told me they couldn’t do anything because the codes were pushed out by the publisher and that i need to contact the publisher, which is 343 now.So 343, if you are listening please help me out. I really like Halo 3: ODST. its one of my favorite games and when i heard you guys remastered it, it made me so happy. But now I’m being thrown all around looking for answers as to how i can get this code again. I dont know how to prove myself to you guys, but i will in any way you all ask. I just want to play Halo 3: ODST again and i dont want to buy it since i know i got it for free. I saw the message before my account got hacked, but again no xbox to insert the code. Please reply.

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Lol 2 years later and they never replied

Sorry OP, but if you weren’t able to take note of the code at the time there is no longer any way to get a code now. Xbox Live Support were handling cases for around a year before they eventually stopped.

For future reference though - if you ever get a code given to you over Xbox Live, take a screenshot or write it down somewhere. While your Xbox Live Message will expire after 30 days the code itself won’t. As long as you have a note of it then you can redeem it, but they can’t be resent to you.