Halo 3 odst audio logs have disappeared

I’ve been hunting for the audio logs for a while, even having achievements after finding at least 20 logs, but the next day i load into Mombasa streets, all the audio logs in my VISR are gone, and now i have to search for them again. Any reason as to why this might have happened?

Depends I think, for one if you get 20 it bugs out since you’re right before that last one which is a bug that’s been known for a while so a hard restart of your Xbox may be needed and that requires you to find all of them again, and another option is that you either started a new game of ODST on a playlist or difficulty I’m not to sure on that one but this is just a guess since it’s been awhile since I’ve seen the bugs for ODST and did the audio log search

Edit: For the audio log bug that’s if you quit out before getting the last one.