Halo 3 ODST: Am i missing out?

Haven’t picked up ODST to this day, am i missing out? Is it worth playing today? I’m more than eager to check it out but i don’t quite have the incentive to yet.

Depends what you’re interested in. It’s more story-driven than other Halo games and isn’t as linear due to Mombasa Streets. For $5, sure it’s worth it, but I wouldn’t pay more than that. It’s ultimately pretty similar in gameplay and, personally, I found the side story more interesting than the main campaign.

only thing you are missing out is firefight and multiplayer as a non-spartan
EDIT:if you have mcc you can get it for like 5$ i think as a dlc

It’s a very atmospheric and slower paced Halo game; If you’re into the Neo-noir aesthetic, narratives that play with chronology, or Piano/Sax heavy Jazz music, then I highly recommend it.
It’s quite short, clocking in at around 5-7 hours depending on the difficulty, but the Narrative is intriguing, the characters are well written, the gameplay (built with Halo 3’s sandbox) introduces subtle nuances to the formula, and overall it’s a very enjoyable game.

Thing to note though, The $5 DLC for The Master Chief Collection runs at 60fps and has some lighting upgrades, but it doesn’t feature Firefight, whereas the original 360 version does, in addition to Halo 3 Mythic, which is a second disc containing basically everything from Halo 3 besides the campaign, but this version isn’t compatible with Xbox One.
So it’s really up to you as to which sounds better, if at all.

If you enjoy Halo lore, then yes, you’re missing out. It’s more character-driven and has an engaging story. The atmosphere is great and the music is brilliant. In terms of gameplay, it’s the same as Halo 3, but it’s the story, characters, atmosphere, and music that keeps me coming back.

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> Haven’t picked up ODST to this day, am i missing out? Is it worth playing today? I’m more than eager to check it out but i don’t quite have the incentive to yet.

For the 360 it’s definitely worth the grab. Especially seeing as physical discs go for low 2nd hand prices, which is how I got mine. The achievements are pretty easy to get apart from the vidmaster achievements and firefight ones. Mainly they involve a lot of time and involvement of other Halo ODST players. If you do get the physical copy it comes with the complete multiplayer experience for Halo 3. Which saves you from buying all the DLC separately. It’s kind of like a season pass.

Definitely well worth playing. Fantastic campaign that captures a different feel from the other Halo campaigns. And the soundtrack is phenomenal.

It’s different, but I wouldn’t call it amazing. It’s pretty obviously a Halo game (gameplay wise, not title wise lol). I never found it incredibly difficult or enthralling (or the characters very deep), but it’s an enjoyable playthrough if you have some free time and like Halo.

I loved it, my third favourite Halo campaign, only behind Halo 2 and Halo Reach.

I have it currently on MCC/XB1, and I use to have it on my 360 before I sold it.

The framerate of both games is at 60 fps. Resolution is different though, if I remember the 360 version was 640p whilst the XB1 version is 720p, and when it comes to lighting, the 360 version is much darker, whereas the MCC version seems lighter.

I enjoyed the campaign on XB1 more, as I felt all nostalgic and the game looked sharper IMO.

However, the ODST DLC on MCC misses out Firefight, which was a huge let down for me. I’d pay £10 just for that 1 game-mode to be added.

The game is really fun IMO, the story and campaign gameplay is very good, and the graphics/resolution/framerate are really good for a game of its age.

you can also technically free-roam Mombassa’s Street’s, which can be fun to do IMO. I just LOVE being able to play as an ODST, the perspective of being an ODST is great.

I say buy it, the campaign is worth your money IMO.

I would say, yes you are missing out. There is something different about playing through the Halo Universe as a character that isn’t an overpowered Spartan in a high tech suit. The primary level is not like a normal Halo level. The base gameplay level has you freely roaming the open and abandoned city of New Mombasa. You have to sneak through the night and use the cover of darkness to get the jump on the Covenant or avoid them entirely while hunting for clues that will help you find the rest of your squad. And each clue you find basically leads into a playable flashback that has you playing as the squad member in the moments leading up to how that clue/item got there.
Over all, it can be a little more slower paced that most Halo games, but the over all atmosphere and concept of the game is nice and refreshing. Yea, it still plays like your normal Halo 3 game, but now you are playing as a normal soldier rather than an OP Spartan. The soundtrack is fantastic and really sets the tone for the loneliness you feel while finding your scattered squad. And if you want to take a break from the story, you can play Halo’s take on a horde mode with the original Firefight. While Halo: Reach improved and perfected on Firefight, nothing compared to sitting back with 3 friends and cutting through endless Covenant forces with this OG game mode.

I just got the disc for the 360 in the mail yesterday and after playing it for about 3 hours straight I decided I had definitely been missing out. The campaign is a good break away from Master Chief and All Things Spartan, and switching around to each character is a good way to feel for different specialties. It’s a little different from Halo 3 due to ODST’s just being regular armored, highly trained soldiers rather than Spartan supersoldiers. The audio log side story is intriguing too. The soundtrack wasn’t quite as moving as Halo 3’s but it does a great job of illustrating the loneliness of your character walking the abandoned streets, without another human soul in sight.

ODST was a great game. The campaign is a little short but I feel the story was really good. Firefight is fun too and if you have MCC is only $5!!!

It’s worth it if you haven’t beat it yet.

It’s got a really good campaign. Totally different from the other halos but very insightful. But I would also recommend playing it solo the first time through. Enjoy man!

Dude you are seriously missing out on possibly one of the greatest story driven spin off games (in the classic halo games).

It’s a good Halo game, so yes I would get it!