Halo 3: ODST Add on support

This was the conversation I had with a Microsoft Support rep.
Quick back story. I’ve played MCC since its launch in 2014. And as we all know, the game was completely broken. So 343 and Microsoft gave us all ODST for MCC as an apology. So I redeemed my code and played it as proven by my achievements. So fast forward to 2018, I upgraded my OG Xbox One to the Xbox One X and I guess about switching consoles screwed up the ODST add on on my account and now I do not have it. Talked with Microsoft, directed me here and here we are. Below is the conversation I had with the Rep.

If there is any 343 Devs out there, please help :slight_smile:

Hey Schmiddtyy.

If you are unable to install ODST via the Manage Games/Ready to Install list then it sounds like the code was redeemed on a different account on your last console. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to verify that. If you’re able to locate the code, we can possibly track down where it was redeemed but we have no way of seeing that information ourselves.

Additionally, we are unable to assist with account/billing related issues which means that despite what the support agent told you, we have no way of providing support here.