Halo 3 Oct. 16th - State if you want to play.

Hey guys, we all know Halo 3 is coming out in less than a week (Fanboy screams)

and we know that the population WILL spike. How large a spike Idk and it can’t be determined. How LONG the spike lasts will partially depend on the kind of experience the newcomwers have when playing this classic masterpiece.

I suggest that we band together to help the newcomers achieve completion by Achievement Hunting with them, make friends, make Halo the community it was before the rift.

So to prepare for the happy chaos that will ensue in 6 days, I made a new account, with no history of Halo 3 on it, no achievements, nothing, so I can properly have fun, while also helping others have fun as well.

If you want people to know that you are available to play together, or achievement hunt, or whatever, just state your gamertag :slight_smile:

NOTE: Don’t need to make a new tag, and this exactly a single party up list, more of a collection of party starters.

My account will not be used until Oct. 16th, so Don’t expect me to play Halo 3 till then. :slight_smile:

---------Gamertag List---------

A Simple Cup
Stitch Jones76

I’m on Halo 3 right now but will install the digital version to keep my disc preserved for collection.

Samtheweebo here. I’ll be there.

I can’t wait to play, sorry I sold my disc for H4.

The only Customs I have are:
Cops & Robbers
Mexican Run

I’m trying to find others who will invite me to Customs and play so I can download and then host my own Customs lobbies.

I’d be willing to help newcomers collect skulls in Campaign, and hopefully the Mythic maps.

Count me in. Halo is always more fun with friends.

GT: IDF Spartan108
though I deleted all custom stuff but I really wanna play some cool maps and do some achievement hunting

Noble138, jumping on the wagon to help the achievement hunters, seeing as I need a few myself, and seeing how the new players could use the help.

Tried playing a bit but I just can’t take the awful netcode, if someone decent has host you’re toast.

Done with Halo for now and with the Xbone not being appealing at all unless the next Halo is extraordinary I’ll stick to PC gaming and/or buy a PS4.

Hope you guys have a more pleasant matchmaking experience come the 16th.

Dragnet 38, count me in.

I have all the customs anyone could ever want but I’m really looking forward to some CTF and BTB if it’s possible.

im always down to play if anyone will have me. up for anything really. i have all dlc also.

Im in ill be up for playing everything

GT: messeygamer

I’m just going to download it to reduce the wear on my disc.