Halo 3 needs to make a comeback

I feel like Halo 3 was my favorite game of all time, having the edge over halo 2 because of all the things you could do, there were so many new additions, but none that ruined the game in any way.
Halo Reach then came out and I was Extremely disappointed they changed EVERYTHING, but why? They already had a good product and they tainted it, they tried to be like call of duty in too many ways. Why add sprint? Why add jetpacks, this is not halo and strays away from what halo truly is.
Next was Halo 4 and somehow I had a small ray of hope for this game, however it seemed like they just built on to Halo Reach which was abysmal. The aiming system and speed of the game has ruined the pure Halo feel.
This may sound like a silly idea, but honestly I think that it would be smart for Microsoft and Bungie or whoever runs this show now to Take Halo 3, keep the fundamentals of multiplayer and the mechanics and game flow, possibly add a new weapon or two, update the graphics a little(But not much) and install a new campaign and call it idk Halo 3 Reborn or something. I feel like people would buy this hoping that The old Halo is brought back. Keep all the old maps, even the downloadable ones and then add more on! Have a plethora of maps, both new and old while keeping the old halo feel. Halo 3 was a fantastic game and didn’t need much changed, however it was ruined for me. This is just how I feel about it, Halo 3 was such a brilliant game that I feel like people would rebuy and upgraded version with more maps and a few new features, but the same H3 feel. Anyways just a thought and idea that I felt like I needed to say. Long live Halo 3.

Or 343 could make Halo 5 more like Halo 3.

I feel the exact same way you do about Halo 3…everything you have said in your post i have also said exactly how you wrote it, lets be BFF’s fo life!


Personally, I think the main issue with reach and Halo 4 is sprint, and the maps.
Imagine if you were playing Halo 4 on an exact replica of Guardian with no sprint.
It would be almost as good as being on Halo 3 itself.

As a side note, I think one of the reasons 343 doesn’t give a **** about us is because they know people like us will buy the game anyway, even if it sucks for competitive play.

Halo 3 is done and there will never be a new game in the series that plays like it.

It’s unfortunate, but true.

343 needs to make Halo 5 have near identical multiplayer as Halo 3.