Halo 3 Multiplayer Exp Maps aren't loading

I have a pretty scratched up H3 Multiplayer experience disc but it still works, it just doesn’t load maps. I have tried installing it, didn’t work. Installing Halo 3 then playing the multiplayer experience, didn’t work. My friend has all of the DLC on my console but I can’t use them. Is their any fix besides going out and getting a new copy?

If your friend has the DLC on your console why not just play the original halo 3 disc with the campaign and play the DLC off of that?

I have tried doing that too and I don’t have the maps.

  1. Go to Gamestop/EB Games/whatever place that sells used games near you, purchase a used Mythic disc.
  2. Install it.
  3. Wait three days or so then go back and return it, since you usually can within a certain amount of time.

Or alternatively:

  1. Rent the game (if you can get Gamefly where you are then you can do a trial, cancel immediately after you install and ship it back and have paid nothing for it all).
  2. Install it.
  3. Take/ship it back.

Then just use your Mythic disc to launch the game and the files will be loaded from the install. Halo 3 installed only creates one problem that I’ve noticed: whenever a Spartan or Elite dies, they always make the same death sound. Similarly, enemies in campaign that die always make the same death sound. That’s about it. The maps will load fine.