Halo 3 Modders):

They brought my skill down by 20 on all playlists and added 130,000 + exp to MLG so now im stuck playing 30s…

Your best bet is to report their gamertag on Xbox live for cheating/modding and set them as an avoided player. The banhammer will catch them out eventually

I dont know their GT because it happened midgame

That’s a shame, well I’m sure they will be ban-hammered eventually. If it does happen again, check the players from the last match. Guaranteed at least one of them will have a modded profile, so you could report their GT for modding. if you know roughly which game it happened on, you could always take a look back now. Maybe one of the players has a modded profile/service tag and you can still report them. Other than that, there’s not much that can be done as far as I know

Yea i dont really care anymore because MCC is almost out