Halo 3 Medals new design feedback. 343 fix immediately

I do not understand why all Halo 3 after action report have now been changed to the new art style. There is no setting which visually reverts these reports back to the original art. They are only viewable in the new 343 art style.

I hate it.

Why does 343 insist on pushing their medal style so much? MCC is supposed to be a celebration of the previous games and not trying to overwrite their art with some new age style.

Please 343 stop this nonsense with the medals.

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Have you checked your Settings > Video > Halo 3 options? There’s a “Unified Medal Display” option you can adjust under “Video Settings.”


This only affects the in-game medals and not the after action report mentioned in my original post.

The after action report is a screen of new medals only no matter what setting you’re using.


Ah, gotcha. So you’re saying when you set it to have Halo 3 medals, it works in game, but in PGCR it’s still updated?

Will pass that along!


Yes that’s correct! Thank you!

I do want to say, I hope we at least get the option to display the original medals, turn them off, or use the Unified Medal design for MCC for all modes and games (I think its only Halo 4 and Reach don’t support this now). Even Reach and ODST Firefight should get this as well. Also please get H4: Spartan Ops to support Medals as well currently it doesn’t support any Scoring, Time Systems or even changing its loadout mid-mission.

I know it’s like far down on the laundry list of things to do because the medals are a bit innocuous… it’s just one of those things that the nostalgia value is too damn high to nerf

Yes thats your opinion, we all want to keep things as legacy as possible but MCC is the type of product to give us these options to change around. Luckily the original medals are now togglable for Halo 3.

Medals are super important.

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Hi! Just wanted to provide some clarity on the new medals in Halo 3.

In MCC, the Post-Game Carnage Report (PGCR) and the Career Medals screens have always used a unified art style based on Halo 4. That has been true since MCC released in 2014 and is true for other iconography in the MCC menus as well (such as weapon, gametype, and skull icons). This update did not make any changes to the way medals are displayed in the PGCR for any game and there is no “new” visual design for medals.

What this update added was support for 51 new multiplayer medals in Halo 3. These medals are always tracked under the hood (for the benefit of stats, XP, and challenges) but, as other folks have pointed out, you can control how (or if) they are displayed in-game. This is all true of the unified medals display in H1 and H2 and has been since MCC originally launched as well.

If you don’t like the unified medal art or aren’t interested in the new medals, you have three options to disable them. You can disable medal display entirely, use the ‘Original’ setting for the pure classic experience, or use the ‘Original+’ setting to see the classic medals with the addition of Headshot, Assist, and Supercombine in Halo 3’s original art style. None of these settings affect the PGCR, just as they don’t for H1 and H2.

Hopefully that clears things up.


Sorta clears it up.

I want the PGCR to display the classic style medals and not the new art.

I understand “this has always been the case.” However, this isn’t true in any PGCR for the games played in their original time period. I would appreciate 343 respecting the art style that came before and make an update to allow the PGCR to display classic medals.

I appreciate the follow up on this, but it doesn’t change the fact that the new art in the PGCR does not align with classic medal styles.
This is supposed to be a celebration of the previous games and not erasing over the art.

Better yet, create a universal medal system between MCC and Infinite which leverages the old art style in order to fix two problems at the same time.

Hey mate, I hope you read my open letter thread. Great update, thank you!

Regarding the medals, I’m loving the additions but ideally the Original+ setting would be all the original medals plus the rest of the new medals, not just the three.

Now that you mention how 4ified menu icons etc are, it would be nice if we could change that.

No way youre this upset about seeing a headshot and assist medal lol

Is there a list of the 51 new medals anywhere?

Yea im not a fan of how they appear during gameplay aswell. Switch back please

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When the headshot and assist medals look incredibly low res and out of place when out right next to the double kill.

Also clutters the feed unnecessarily.

I know I got an assist, don’t need this massive low res pop up every time

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I believe this can be found in the Patch Notes!

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The medals settings should be on “Original” or “Original +” by default, and not on “none”.

Arent the options “unified”, “original” and “original+”

do it your self. just change it to original nd thats it

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