Halo 3 Machinima Actors Needed!!

(This is my first post!)

I am looking for a team of people that are looking to act in my halo machinima i am making in halo 3!

A Link to the Video Will Be Here:

Video Click Here!

Here is the survey if you want to join:


Do You Play Halo 3:
Do You Play Halo 4:
Do You Have Skype:
If You Have Skype Name:
Halo 4 Infinity Rank:
In 100 Words Or Less Explain Why You Want To Join Chrome Studios:

Rate Your Self Out Of 10 As A Standard Halo Player(1 Low, 10 High):

Will You Get Distracted And Kill Everyone:

Will You Act When We Need You To:

Send the Survey To: chromestudios2013@gmail.com

Good Luck And All the best from chromestudios and dogys2!

Will I require DLC?
Have you made machinimas before? Because on your youtube channel, I see no other videos besides the recruitment video, and no subscribers.
Will I need a microphone?
What kind of machinima will this be, action, drama, or comedy?
What is the maximum amount of participants will you require?
Just a few things that would be good to know.