Halo 3 Legendary co-op runthrough? 2 or 4 players

I re-downloaded Halo 3 again, and after not playing for a long time I have to get all the achievements again which doesn’t bother me.

I was just wondering if anyone was willing to run through the game on Legendary

2 or 4 players
Need to get all the skulls in every map again

I think that’s it?

Teh Morph is my GT.

Opps disregard my last comment; thought you had MCC. Sorry

4 players is always fun

I could send you a Friend’s Request.

Just wondering if you are still looking for people to play legendary campaign with because I am in the same situation. GamerTag: STG Pika taco

I would love to, but Halo 3+Co-Op=Horrible Lag.