Halo 3 Legendary Campaign

IM looking for 2 people to do the last mission on Halo 3 on Lgendary, any takers?
my GT is TheWhitePlague1

I could maybe do it, but not until friday.

Folks are usually pretty helpful in this regard. I would jump in, but unfortunately I have some HUGE deadlines to meet. :frowning:

I can help because i need to do legendary also on halo 3 also if you can help me with the skulls would be nice if we do it together

You need help? My gamertag is Pendantcrayfish. Shoot me an invite if you still need help.

Yeah i shall i have been doing some of them with a friend but with do one mission and half way through the next one it lags out and by the way i live in Australia so it might be a bit difficult and my gamertag is MCB280

Ok, I should be on some today, so if you get bored…

i just know why you can’t help players when they ask . i thought . my GT tomtom2805

Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll add you when I get the chance.