Halo 3 Intermittent Audio Channels

I’m experiencing an issue in Halo 3 on the MCC. While I’m playing the campaign specific sound channels cut out randomly. For example, the music and dialogue will continue but my gunshots and reloading sounds are silent. Sometimes it’s the music that cuts out, or environmental sounds, or the sound of me hitting an enemy, but it happens consistently enough that I can’t play the game (occasionally I’m getting 1 minute of consistent sound without something dropping out.) I’m also noticing that much more than I had ever heard in this game, lines keep getting triggered on top of each other or cutting each other off.

I’m playing on an Xbox One S, running optical audio out to a denon receiver. I have no issues with any other xbox game (but haven’t tried the other titles in the MCC yet.)

I love this game,
Any help is much appreciated!