Halo 3 HD update for Xbox one users?

I know a lot of you guys don’t realize, but Halo 3 was not actually HD on the 360 which ran on 640p. Now that Halo 3 came out on Xbox One via Backwards Compatibly, we would like to see a boost in its resolution for Xbox one players. Battlefront 2 (classsic) Runs at 1080p on Xbox one. Why can’t this game?

Since the Xbox 360 is a more powerful system, it is entirely possible that it is more difficult to emulate, hence why there are no improvements to resolution for Xbox 360 BC titles outside of the One X Enhanced.

A small boost to 720p may be possible but I don’t see it going any further than that and is it really worth the time and effort for such a small increase in resolution? The One X already plays Halo 3 at 1920p (not quite 4K) but that is a sizeable increase over 640p.

Even Reach, which also wasn’t 720p, didn’t get a boost to 720p and that title was much closer, coming in at 1152x720, just short of the 1280x720 needed to be 720p.

thats awesome!

Keep in mind that Battlefront 2 is an OG Xbox title and is a much less demanding game than Halo 3. The emulator built for Xbox One is only made to play 360 games as they were on 360 as far as I’m aware. It’s quite an incredible technical feat since 360 hardware is nothing like Xbox One. With the X, however, they are able to simply brute force it and get more pixels and cleaner graphics out of the emulator. One thing that makes OG Xbox games “easy” to emulate is that the OG Xbox and One both have similar architecture.