HALO 3 + Halo Wars Friends needed


I’m a ‘retired’ 50 who gave up competative gaming when Reach came out. Thought i’d play my old Halo 3 disc to see if I still had my skills and… I don’t. So I’m looking for other Halo 3 50’s or anyone else who thinks they can play on a competative level for some MLG customs and other fun things. Some of you may even recognise me from Lone Wolves if you played at level 50 =] At my peak i reached the 405th spot in the world on Halo Charts and just want to re-live the old days until Halo 4 comes and saves us all (we hope).

As for Halo Wars i’m a General three times over and need a buddy to go for the 2v2 ladder.

Cheers guys

  • Kav -

Hey you should add me. I’m not a 50 but I’m a 46 and I really miss the good ol’ days. I used to be good, really good, I won a (non-mlg) 1v1 ladder tournament (I placed 1st). But honestly I suck now a’days and was trying o get some people to play with again. I had a long break from Halo when Reach came out. When I played Reach again, I sucked. I’m trying to get back into Halo 3 and hit Brigadier General. If you wanna play, add me.


Hope to see you on Halo 3 soon.

Nice, i’ll add you now. I’m trying to go for a 5 star but i’m a long way away!