Halo 3 Gunshot Sounds are out of place.

One of my fellow gamers and myself have stumbled upon a problem with the gunshot sounds in Halo 3. We were in the middle of a 1v1 and noticed that the sounds of the gunshots were not in the place they were supposed to come from. We did a small test to see what the problem could be. I stood in one spot, in the center of the map, as my teammate took shots from different places on the map. We tried this from many different angles and came to the conclusion that where ever the bullets hit on the map, regardless of where we aimed, the gunshot sounds would come from where ever the other player was aimed. I wear a set of Astro A40s and I rely on my hearing to navigate and survive in gameplay. This problem has been detrimental and quit frankly a serious problem for me as a gamer. Neither Halo nor Halo 2 has this problem. Please address this problem and find a solution.


I’ve noticed the campaign has this issue as well. I just got done H3 on Heroic and I can’t tell you how many times I was looking to my left or right wondering where these “phantom” plasma shots were being fired from where in fact the shooter was in another spot entirely.

To be honest I think the right and left audio got switched up where the front and back audio have serious balance issues. Sounds behind me like foot movement through grass are really loud whereas my guns are really muted.

Halo 3 is my favorite campaign of the series and to see the audio screwed up like this really disappoints me.