Halo 3 Forge Map Total Object Limit Increase?

I was wondering if it was possible to further increase the Halo 3 Forge Object limit? I still have $1433 left on my budget and have many more objects I can still possibly place but I am unable to place anymore objects as there are too many on the map total. With the current map I have created that has reached the total object limit, there has been no fps drop at all with a current stable 144fps so there shouldn’t be any performance issues with an object cap increase.

I have the same issue 2200$ left with tons of stuff to place and no performance issues but i cant place anything else even guns hope they fix this soon cause at the moment it is seriously crippling the forge feature. They made a huge deal about how they added money to the forge budget but i mean a budget increase is kinda useless if you can only spend half the money in the first place.

+1 to this problem for me. I have about $2k left in my budget and have the same issues as the comment above. Can’t really restructure my map around this issue since I’ve placed a lot of objects so hopefully a fix comes soon.

+1 to this problem as well.

Got to a hard limit in the engine that says quote “Could not create object. Too many on map.”

Yet still have 2999 budget available. #wut

also have this issue on avalanche.

Has anyone heard anything official about this issue?

I submitted a bug report on this, FYI. Will post once I receive feedback on it.

I just started building things on sandbox and hit that cap while the map’s only halfway done. Hope they increase it so I can actually run out the budget, still got like 2k to work with

still a problem today. i submitted a ticket