Halo 3 Forge is broken

As title says, Halo 3’s forge is not working properly due to some problems I have found:

  • You cannot change teams in the lobby.- You cannot put any gametype, this means that you cannot create maps with objectives or initial spawn points such as king of the hill or infection
    I made a custom map and everything went terrific with the exception of that last issue, I would like to know if this is just a problem of mine or does it affect any more players?

Yeah it’s affecting all players I believe. Basic editing is the only game type that you can select for halo 3 forge in TMCC - strangely Halo 2 and Halo 4 seem to be fine for that. It’s destroyed any map that I’ve created in Halo 3 because you can’t guarantee that players will spawn inside the area that you want them to and can’t set any game type specific goals such a hill markers for king of the hill. This has been really frustrating because of the connectivity issues that are already spoiling halo online so I’ve been playing forge to try and enjoy the game while they fix the issues - what’s the point in forge if you can’t play custom games on the maps you create?