Halo 3 Flaming Chest-Piece

Owing to the recent release of the Blue flames for all users who play Halo:Reach & are signed up on B.net, a small group of user’s have wondered if any of us who still play Halo 3 will ever recieve the flaming chest piece for our Halo 3 spartans?

Now I know what your thinking “Pwnage ? why ask that here Bungie is in charge of that !!11!!” to which I say “sorry fellow forum-user they are not” , it was revealed through a screenshot dipicting a message from a bungie employee that Microsoft / 343i is almost fully in control of Halo 3 (I will find a link to the screenshot shortly)

Now what I am asking is if 343i will ever plan to release this chest piece for the continually loyal Halo 3 community to use, maybe for those who have X amount of games played ? …or maybe through Halo waypoint for people who are over level X ?

If anyone from 343i can post in this thread & maybe include some clarification that would be awsome, in the meantime speculate & come up with bizzare theories :D.

Sorry, Bungie released flames for players on Bungie Day last year for just one day. It should stay that way.

Besides, it’s impossible. It tears Halo 3’s online multiplayer to pieces. It’s code is outdated and can’t handle it. That one day destroyed the original Halo 3 servers.

Halo 3 has been running alongside Reach on their brand new servers they got last year upon Reach’s release. I think it’s safe to say the H3 servers are currently being sold off at an auction somewhere for whatever-thousand dollars. I support the H3 chest piece idea and I’m sure they’ll run just fine on Reach’s 6 or so month old servers.

I also think this would be a good idea it is something small but since they are giving blue flames why not red flames for an old game that bungie does not really own anymore anyway.

I understand what you are saying but must understand their side of the story! Halo series is Bungies child. They have been raising it along with microsoft since the day it was born. They nurtured, feed, cleaned out it’s dirty diapers, and watch it grow up into prosperous franchise. Now mommy (microsoft) and daddy (bungie) had a little fight and little jimmy (halo) got caught in the middle of things… in fact it was mostly about jimmy! Eventually the fight got so groosum that Bungie and microsoft got into a divorce but microsoft wasnt done with bungie, she wanted more than just money she wanted to take little jimmy away from daddy for ever…because she wanted to make even more money off of Halo and use it every which way possible and never have daddy see his little boy ever again except through a television screen. And of course just like child custody works out by having a bunch of feminist beating down a red headed step child Microsoft one the battle and Halo got taken away from them :frowning: But luckly bungie got a back up plan by having a very good friend of theirs start dating microsoft (343i) just so little jimmy would’nt be become a total lost without bungie trying to be their for there little boy. So things are still looking for Halo in the long run… I hope you get the point… If somneone took your real one and only child away from you and told you that you’ll never see them again what would you do? That chest piece is still part of the only thing that still theres to hang on to, dont take that away from them. Let them remember Halo 3 as if it’s still theirs for just for a little longer :frowning: Remeber Bungie…Long live Bungie :slight_smile: