Halo 3 File Share

Does anybody know if Halo 3’s file share will be working when it becomes backwards compatible? I have a bunch of maps I look forward to playing again in customs, and it would suck if I had to make them again.

The file share will still work, the game its self will not be changing, so any maps you have on your file share will be able to be downloaded to your Xbox One, just like you could in Halo Reach when it made the jump to the Xbox One back in 2015.

Well, judging my Reach’s fileshare, I doubt it. The Xbox One version of the game’s theater is more broken than the 360’s and Waypoint’s fileshare for it is still down. If they don’t bring it back, the only things we will be able to get are video clips and screenshots we still have saved by recording them with the Xbox One’s DVR. I’ve been doing that with Reach for people who don’t have Xbox One to get their screenshots for them. Just searching their gamertag in the fileshare, viewing their shots fullscreen, and taking a screenshot of the screenshot. But as for maps and gamemodes, unless they bring back the fileshare proper, we’re screwed. And like I said, judging by Reach, I kinda doubt it.

Yes I’m pretty sure it will work just fine.

The file shares should work normally.

Can someone tell me their gamertag that has maps on their file share plz and ty