Halo 3 File Share Problem?

Hello, guys. Unfortunately, I have a problem. I can’t really download almost anything from the file share( maps, game modes, etc). Is anyone on the same boat? Thank you.

Yeah this has been a problem for me as well. some files will transfer but some won’t. It’s weird but I hope it gets fixed

I’m not having problems with the File Share atm, but I’m having a problem where the Dlc maps I own don’t show up on Custom Games, I have Longshore in my Recently played but when I click on it, it refuses to load

Same here. I go on to my 360 where I have tons of maps and game variants and can upload them to the file share with NO problem. Then, turn that off, start Halo 3 on the ONE. I can see the maps/games on the file share…but when I try to download them…it just gets queued and eventually I get a message that says transfer failed, will keep trying.

First time I tried filling all 24 slots up…couldn’t download any

Tried again a couple days later with just 1 map and 1 game…and that worked.

Got hopeful and tried again a couple days after that, again using all 24 slots…and none would download.

Not sure what’s going on but it seems hit or miss. Honestly, I had similar trouble with REACH but it finally worked.

Going to try ‘recommending’ them to friends and see if they can get them…and then acquire them from the ‘recents’.

Yeah there is a problem with fileshare on Xbox One.
I tried to download my films from fileshare and it sometimes work and sometimes doesnt. Only solution i came with is restarting your game.

I think it’s more of a server issue, as I had issues downloading files on my 360 days before the BC update. I’ve tried everything from changing download priority through the active transfers tab, to restarting my game multiple times. I’ve yet to try the recommend to friends option but I doubt it will work. Uploading files to your fileshare does work, for some reason.

Can we get this fixed or what the file share still works just not consistently let’s go 343 do something for once