Halo 3 downloadin maps n gamemodes of the internet

Back in the day in halo 3 you could download these things off bungie.net which made acess to sharing and getting maps very easily if there was anyway this could be revived by having a site to download stuff like this it would make backwards compatablie halo 3 thrive very well and probably increase player base due to the the fact that a lot of people like customs and having acess to these maps would create a lot of fun in that sort of area i dunno its kinda a dream i would hope for it and im sure im not the only one nothing would beat getting some maps online and hosting full lobbys easy and having so much variety on what to play voice your opinion our voices matter lol 343 bungie Microsoft someone plzzzzzzz help :frowning:

I also think that would be great but considering Bungie isnt here anymore and their site is dead, i wouldnt expect that. Hope we can get fully functional fileshare!