Halo 3 DE for Windows 10 and Xbox?

I put this in fiction for a reason

Halo 3 is one of my favorite childhood games that I miss every day, I really want to play more of the greatly designed campain levels, and a multiplayer ON PC that I can mention without being banned off of waypoint.

I can’t say much for Xbox, but maybe buyers of 6 can get a ultimate edition option similar to Halo wars 2 with the wars 1 DE, simply

1: 4k with rather uncapped fps or cap at something high (144-300 would be great)
2: crossplatform with social modes, or maybe even just custom games, as well as forge
3: Mod support would be cool, but I could see why 343 would opt out

I just really want classic halo again on pc, especially on the campain side of things
(As I can play 1s multiplayer through the ports)
(2’s through project cartographer)
and 3 through the name that shall not be spoken

Just give us a port, and make it good. And don’t split up the team to do it, get it going at a certain time, and stick to it.
Any thoughts? And I would really appreciate it, that if you are going to critique me, at least be on windows 10

They’ve said it’s not happening several times over.

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> They’ve said it’s not happening several times over.

I am aware of that, I basically mentioned that in the post

The MCC might very well be coming to PC so perhaps one day you will be able to play Halo 3 on PC at >60fps.